DkUP is a registry editor similar to Regedit (TM?), but features:

I made it principally to create backup (the name comes from here) of the registry. For example you can make a periodical partial (or even complete) backup of your registry selectin the keys you want to backup and make a unique .REG file you can add to your registry whenever you want !
If you want to make periodical backup of the same keys you can select them one time for all and save their names in a DKS format so you can recall and save them easyly.

  • You can select many value in the same time even if they’re in different keys.
  • You can save selected keys/values on a single registry file (.REG).
  • You can save your selection in a plain text format (.DKS) to recall it easyly.

Easy Navigation and edit:

  • You can navigate on the registry with the usual TreeView on the left of the screen or typing on the upper edit box.
  • When the program starts it re-opens the last key (it’s easy, but very useful).
  • You can see numerical and binary values in the various format: binary, decimal, hexadecimal and characters.
  • You can change a value type (between string, numerical and binary) easily.

Advanced search:
I always appreciated the possibility to filter a search result in the better way. So I decided to put a serious search on DkUP. So you can use standard jolly characters on your search filter. For example to search all the words who begin with "ani" you can search for "ani*" and you can combine even more filters with logical operators OR, AND, NOT. Ex: "*shop not paint* or *graphic*" will select all values (or keys or data you'll choose) ending with "shop" but not beginning with "paint", however it will select all everything contains the "graphic" string!

  • You can search on key names, value names and data with both jolly (* and ?) and logical operators (AND, OR and NOT).
  • Search won’t look twice in the registry’s repeated key.

version 1.3:
support Win9x/ME/NT/2000 and XP
many changes happend on the search module and some fix was corrected

Download DkUP v1.3 (342kb)